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Diary of a dreamer

I'm chasing my own tags : USMC POOLEE!
Navy Brat! I would have NEVER thought in a million years that I would be a Military S/O. I'm in love with my best friend. He is in the Army. Yes we are in a LDR.
My love travels from Pennsylvania to Colorado ~7.6.11~
I'm a hopeless romantic, I love food, anything to do with the military, and I am a survivor...any questions just ask. :)
alli-renae said:

My boyfriend is in tech school and he just got his first assignment: Kadena AFB in Japan. We're already long distance: he's from Northern California and I'm in Ohio, but this ridiculous distance that'll be between us in a few months is stressing me out a lot. 11 hour time difference! I know we'll make it and we'll figure it out because we always do and we are each other's future, but it was this giant initial shock when he first told me and it's so hard to process. I'm just very nervous :/


What you are feeling is completely normal. Maybe talk to your guy about how you are feeling so the two of you can prepare for this together.

I also have to say that I am so happy about your positivity in that you both know that you guys are going to make it through this. That alone shows me that you two will be just fine :)

Im in the military and live in okinawa japan, you have nothing to worry about the first 2 weeks he will be home sick and missing you like crazy, just don’t overwhelm him because he is feeling the same stress you are and the time difference is a bitch but you both will get used to it over time. I hope everything works out between the both of you. Good luck. :)